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Mafol Barim – The Chambers of Artifice

After one failed irrigation attempt, and 2 failed de-irrigation attempts my first fortress was spiralling into nothingness and a second fortress ending prematurely after a save game went corrupt. It was time to gen a new world and see what I would get. So it was that Mafol Barim, or The Chambers of Artifice in the human tongue was founded. With design philosophies from my previous world and an excellent embark location, it was destined to be a grand fortress. But true to Dwarf Fortress fashion, it slowly began to unravel at the seams. It all started with an Elven caravan that arrived at the same time as a goblin siege. Now there’d been a falling out between me and the elves in the year previous involving a polar bear and some wood. But first, lets get a bit of background on Mafol Barim

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The Fall of Inodad

“The first goblin siege went by without a problem. They attacked from the East, along the highest ridge of the mountain Inodad lay inside of. The only means of access was a single set of stairs, constructed so as to allow access to the spire that was to reach into the sky high above. Removing the stairs and replacing it with sharpened spikes had stopped the horde from advancing into the fortress. A year had passed and their interest had wained. They left the way they had came, no casualties other than a stray Kobold thief that had wandered into the pack. It wasn’t to be the last we heard of them

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