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Day 0

So it looks like the world didn’t end then, whether it helped me going to the top of a mountain in Sweden by myself we probably will never know. But I appreciate that you’re all incredibly thankful nonetheless. Firstly I should admit I’m typing this before the clock ticks over onto the 21st, primarily because when the clock hits midnight I’ll be standing at the highest point I can with a cup of tea in hand acknowledging the awesome year I’ve had and looking forward to what the next one will bring

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143 days to save the world

I haven’t wrote on here for some time for one reason or another (As per usual), but with a couple of people checking out the website again and reminding me that it exists now seems as good a time as ever to get back to writing something. Especially considering my internets down and theres nothing much else I can do lol

So what’s changed since last time I wrote? Quite a lot as it happens. I’m single once again and living a suitably single person lifestyle which goes without saying isn’t suitable to be written about here but can be summed up with the following categories: Good times, bad times, box ticking times and actual waste of times. Those in the know will be able to fill the categories with relative ease

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319 days to save the world

The past week and a bit has been an interesting time for me down here in London. The best way of summing it up is I’ve remembered that I live in a city, and not just any city but the Capital and that theres opportunities here that I just need to look for and even more important that I don’t need to have to know people to go to things I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to otherwise

To go over quickly what I’ve already ranted about work was utter pants last weekend. Which really, is a good thing. Because if I hadn’t had such a crap time at work, the rest of this week wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as it has turned out to be

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