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Day 0

So it looks like the world didn’t end then, whether it helped me going to the top of a mountain in Sweden by myself we probably will never know. But I appreciate that you’re all incredibly thankful nonetheless. Firstly I should admit I’m typing this before the clock ticks over onto the 21st, primarily because when the clock hits midnight I’ll be standing at the highest point I can with a cup of tea in hand acknowledging the awesome year I’ve had and looking forward to what the next one will bring

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143 days to save the world

I haven’t wrote on here for some time for one reason or another (As per usual), but with a couple of people checking out the website again and reminding me that it exists now seems as good a time as ever to get back to writing something. Especially considering my internets down and theres nothing much else I can do lol

So what’s changed since last time I wrote? Quite a lot as it happens. I’m single once again and living a suitably single person lifestyle which goes without saying isn’t suitable to be written about here but can be summed up with the following categories: Good times, bad times, box ticking times and actual waste of times. Those in the know will be able to fill the categories with relative ease

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319 days to save the world

The past week and a bit has been an interesting time for me down here in London. The best way of summing it up is I’ve remembered that I live in a city, and not just any city but the Capital and that theres opportunities here that I just need to look for and even more important that I don’t need to have to know people to go to things I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to otherwise

To go over quickly what I’ve already ranted about work was utter pants last weekend. Which really, is a good thing. Because if I hadn’t had such a crap time at work, the rest of this week wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as it has turned out to be

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What a difference a day makes

The last blog post was delayed due to Monday rolling by and me discovering I had no job to go to London with. After a period of coming up with alternative solutions and realising I had no option but to get whatever I could from Ladbrokes and scavenge for other jobs while I was down there I had come to terms with the situation. I had been nigh promised a job in the center of London and upon pointing out I was due to put a considerable amount of money into a flat I was going to view was told again, yeah you’ll have a 30 hour job in this area. The rage and momentary despair of being told that on the phone, throughout all of this I’ve worked so hard at getting everything right. Getting every piece of the puzzle in place so that I wouldn’t stumble, and one of those pieces had just got wet and disintegrated to nothing in front of me. I was given a number of another person who might have a job in London for me, but given how long I’d waited to get to where I was it seemed unlikely something would come from that and indeed ringing the number the person was on holiday (Everyone seems to go on holiday in Ladbrokes when I need them). I tried ringing about the head office job I’d been chasing for ages and once again nobody picked up the phone, this is THE head of recruitment for Ladbrokes not answering his internal phone for 2 weeks running. Madness

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Destination: London

Over the past few months I’ve travelled to London multiple times to see Kat, including a trip with 2 of The Keeper’s (Joe and Gary) to the Eurogamer Expo last year. On these trips my love for London and the underground has been rekindled from years ago when I used to go down to Sevenoaks with my mam and again when me and Lisa went to our world record attempt with the coconuts (Happy times Leese!). In Cumbria you can’t get anywhere by public transport really after 6pm, in London you only have to wait a few minutes for the next tube to wherever you want. Since I’ve returned home I’m now debt free having paid everything off and on top of that I’ve finally got some money saved up from working hard over the past 9 months. Most of this money is a safety net for London, and theres a chunk of it in there thats probably going to go towards me fulfilling a life dream and becoming a qualified skydiver dependant on how much I end up going there with

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Recap: September 16th

On top of my financial breakthroughs came another unexpected twist on September 16th. An old friend that I met while on an old trip around my friends at university was coming to visit me. There isn’t much to show people of Whitehaven… “Thats the Beacon, its pretty shit. Thats the Rum Story, its a bit boring. Thats where a man I knew was murdered” You know, that kinda thing. So for something different, we went upto the Haig Pit museum. An old disused mine thats under Whitehaven, it was an odd experience. I’d never been before and had no idea what it would be like. We went inside and there was nobody around, just an empty shop and an empty museum full of a couple of pigeons. Dirty looking mannequins stood around corners and there was a draught blowing through the broken windows. It was only when we got to the back that we eventually bumped into someone looking after the place. We made our way round and then headed back home for a lack of things to do. On the way home we passed an odd unicorn statue thing in someones garden, it was most peculiar. When we were back we watched a CBBC program called “Animals at Work” before eventually heading to the pub with my dad who had come home with my brother. We drank, we played cards, my dad left and we stayed at the pub until they started turning the lights off around us

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Recap: Whitehaven

It was August, I was back at home and I had been offered a chance to live with either my mam or my dad. My dad’s company was struggling and he’d been forced to make my brother redundant due to hardships. I decided I would move in with my dad to try and forge a better relationship with him while providing some much needed income for the house and easing the tension between him and my brother. Within a couple of weeks of returning, it was over for good with Jen for reasons I need not go into here. In fairness it had been over since at least April if not sooner. I told her I was going to take back the TV as I didn’t want them to have it anymore, I also questioned if I would actually get any money from them as they’d all been so bad at reliably paying me for the bills in Carlisle. I also said I’d be taking back the camera I’d bought that she hadn’t paid for. All seemed fine until we had went to collect it all. We turned up at the house to find nobody in and the back gate barricaded. Long story short, we got everything we had went there for and along with it I got all the closure I needed. We left with a fully laden van and went for a celebratory, if bitter sweet Burger King

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Recap: Annan

It was June. This isn’t what I’d had in mind. I was the English man living with a Welsh man in Scotland. He was meant to be getting a job on the boats and be out the house for 3 weeks every month, I’d have the house to myself and be looking after it for him and paying as much as I had been in Carlisle. The reality of the situation was I had moved in with a man who was there every day, a man whose only forms of entertainment involved going to the pub or watching horse racing, a man who felt it was ok to mock his wife who had recently moved out while I was sat in the same room and try to get me to mock her too, a man who openly complained at me taking his crockery to work, a man who thought it acceptable that his paying tenant should sleep in his granddaughters bedroom. The drawers filled with her clothes, the walls adorned with Hannah Montana and High School Musical posters, her toys still littering the room. I was miserable, I was downtrodden and I had entered the most bizarre environment I could have, so I did the only thing I could do. I laughed

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