Part 6/7: In-Vader

Jeff Vader

Merve and Dogan have just been assassinated. I return to the car and the killcodes are entered, the mainframe updates and the rogues have new targets. Gambit messages me his target asking if we share them again and we do. The Shadow Government are putting pressure on the people who are at the lower end of the scoring spectrum and all the 1-kill assassins are gone and now we’re onto the 2-kill guys. First up on our hit list: Hungarian. Or as hes known in the game, Jeff Vader

You may recall I mentioned that Hungarian had told me and Gambit perhaps more information than he really should have done back at the earliest DFTD. We knew he regarded his home as a fortress and that he had an alternative address he could crash at on the same block as his workplace thus making him essentially invulnerable on a work night unless he ventured off the curb. Plans were hatched. I would visit the bar he worked at and see if he was in. I would bring a friend and would have a jovial evening of catching up and wait until the end of the night and leave and wait around on the way from his workplace to home ready to pop out, hoping he wouldn’t go to his friends house he had told me about. Tuesday rolls around and I ask the nearest friend to his location if shes interested in heading out for drinks and get a big fat no, which isn’t the end of the world but it means it looks a bit odder me going by myself to his place but never mind. I’ll improvise. I’m contacted later that day by Gambit telling me hes planning to stake out Vader’s workplace that same night so I brought him up to speed with my schemings. Then something weird happens. Vader adds me on Twitter

Oh shit, is this coincidence? The day after I’m assigned him as a target and he suddenly adds me? Have I been ratted out? Is he considering what lies ahead for him? I do the only sensible thing I can think of. I go fishing

“Aah dude, thats convenient. I was gonna jump around tonight with my hot russian friend. Do we need to sort a table or anything?” I tweet him the truth, then delete it and decide to send as a direct message instead for reasons I’ll get into. See the place he works at is called Danger of Death (I would heartily recommend it to anyone by the way, Tamas blew me away with his drinks knowledge), and a quick look online finds its part of a series of bars that are membership only and I don’t know the arrangement between the Shadow Government and these guys as to why we are allowed in there if thats the case. If it was members only but Hungarian was as pally with me as he already had been then he might turn a blind eye and let me stay there anyway for the evening (A DM on Twitter meant he could tell me this without it being public knowledge he was doing it), it also would show he wasn’t concerned about me being a potential risk which would be reassuring. Worst case scenario if I just turned up he would turn us away but I’d know he was there. By doing this over Twitter it meant I could work out if he was at work that evening without having to go through the whole rigmarole of actually going there. Technology!

He advises me to check out somewhere else close by and Gambit messages at about the same time telling me Danger of Death is closed today. I assume he is being legitimate and it is merely coincidence he chose today to add me. Panic over. He probably doesn’t expect me after all. Our plans change and Gambit is heading to Hungarian’s home to stake him out with me following once I finish work for a few hours just in case. If we get lucky we can take this guy out tonight when he least expects it as come the final DFTD hes bound to be invulnerable with his friends house being so close by. Expecting to make the hit that night is bold at best. Work finishes and I make my way home to grab my stuff, stopping by a fruit stands rubbish pile to collect a banana box. I have an idea that harks back to one of my original visions of how I would make an awesome kill. I’m going to Terminator 2 this guy, gun in a box surrounded by flowers and burst the gun out when hes in range and gun him down with the GoPro recording the entire thing. I modify the box to allow me to hold the gun ready to fire it but also support the boxes weight and grab a taxi to his location using a £50 tip I got off a customer earlier that day

I get the taxi to drop me off by the tube station nearby, Gambit is at the property and has knocked on Vader’s door with a fake delivery left at another house bit and the door is answered by Vader’s flatmate and we know hes not in just yet, meanwhile we think 2 of our other targets (La Muerta) could be waiting for this guy as well. If we got lucky, we could clear house on rogue kills in one evening. I go into the station and scout around, no sign of them. Best make my way to the building and regroup with Gambit and formulate a plan. I go to buy flowers from Tesco on the way and practically walk into the door. Its closed, and with it my hopes of a Terminator style kill go a little out the window but I carry on! A bus stop at the corner of the main road and the station looks like a good vantage point to spot and catch Vader in a crossfire if Gambit stays near the building. The road leading down to his main entrance (where Gambit gained entry) was fairly open with only 1 hiding place out of view that would realistically get checked unless someone was in a rush, a park at the end of the road led to the back of the tube station and although closed wouldn’t deter him which made a second potential route a possibility. Meanwhile off the main street was a smaller entrance with a keypad that would be easy to tail someone in and get them to help what with the big box and all that. However this is also very open and likely to result in me getting spotted well in advance. I try and locate Gambit who is nowhere in sight so is either very fucking good or not here at all, eventually turning up inside the compound. He lets me in and gives me the tour

Hungarian was right, this place is crazy. Easy enough to navigate around but theres precious few places to sit out of sight and watch people. The entire inner courtyard is faced with giant windows on every building, its late at night and people are sitting about and we catch glances every now and then. We can’t stay in plain view here. There are balconies overlooking this courtyard on every floor, well nearly every floor. See this place has 2 floors per floor, so you have Floor 1 followed by Floor 1A followed by Floor 2, etc. 2 flats per “floor” with bits looking up onto an A or down onto a numbered floor. Possibility of having a gunman stationed in the stairwells and a gunman waiting by the lower floor to shoot Vader as he gets to his front door maybe? Theres also an elevator we need to take into account, Gambit shows me where it leads so I have an idea. Down we go and into a tiny corridor thats like a phone booth (The elevator isn’t much bigger) and we decide waiting nearby is not an option, we call the elevator to go up and as we do a man enters the phone booth corridor with us. Hes not any of our concern and we all cram into the lift and we make our way bacj up, thankfully he moves on to another floor. We wander around this section for about 20 minutes weighing up our options. I’d spent the previous night shooting housemates from the second floor window of the police station when they went to retrieve lost ping pong balls from our courtyard and I knew my sniping ability with my rifle was a possibility. I could go on the top balcony and watch over the secondary entrance and take a shot if I thought I had it, however it was too exposed and the distance too far to guarantee my stream would stay intact and register a hit. I would have to snipe from a lower level. We go to his floor which is about 2 stories high, the equivalent of what I was shooting the day before and from the flat next door to his we have a view over the secondary entrance and a girl entering through it, however the window of opportunity is not big enough to get a reasonable chance of a shot off, but it would allow us to know he was there and to get in position. We discuss more options and the door leading into the stairwell begins to open. We go wide eyed and reach for our guns and turn

Its the girl we just saw coming through the gate. Of all the flats in this complex and we happen to be standing outside of her front door looking shifty as fuck, bollocks. We act like the professional killers we are, me holding a large banana box with a purple blanket over it and Gambit in a shifty baseball cap, e-cigarette hanging from his mouth and partially opened padded envelope concealing his pistol. “Hey hows it going?” I say, panicking. “I don’t suppose you know Tamas? The guy who lives next door? My girlfriend left her coat at his bar the other night and he told me to come back here and pick it up off him but hes not around”. Why is it a 2-man job to collect her jacket? What does my friend have invested in this to come help me? What is in my box and why am I carrying it if I’m just waiting for him to return home? I’m panicked! I’m adlibbing! And none of it matters, after all we are in London. Nobody actually knows their neighbours and this is another example of that. She enters her flat and is quick to lock the door. We exchange looks and move swiftly. Our options reduced heavily we can do nothing but man the stairwell, one guarding the stairs and the other guarding the elevator we both need to be on the inside of the stairwell as the giant windows would expose us to the occupants across the way and they would surely grow concerned about our loitering. I take the stairs and go down a level and settle down to wait and Gambit stays on Vader’s level with eyes on the lift. And we wait, and we wait and within 20 minutes theres action

I sort my camera out and get it ready to go and begin to message Gambit when the elevator goes down. I stand, readying my grip and facing the elevator. I figure he would never take the elevator to his floor, he would maybe go a floor up or a floor down and reduce his risk at best. If the doors open on my level I have only a split second to drop the box and gun him down, however if its not him I need to look innocent enough to not pay attention to so I can’t just stand facing the lift. I make my way slowly down the stairs as the lift begins to ascend, as if I was just making my way down. I get to where the lift is and its gone past me, a civilian probably. I turn and see the occupants opposite looking over at me and I know I need to get back into my hidden bit of the stairwell. I start slowly walking back up and turn to face the lift to work out where it stopped and then I hear it. The ker-chunk, ker-chunk of the replica AK47s and I feel the wet in my crotch. Vader was coming up the stairs and saw me through a gap in the railings, my vision obscured by the box I was carrying. I reveal my gun and we exchange brief words before he makes his way upstairs to check for more assassins, hes not convinced there was only me. I make my way down the stairs while he still has eyes on me and tell him I’ll see him tomorrow and wish him a good night. He goes up the hidden bit of stairs and turns to go up onto the landing where I know Gambit has eyes. I didn’t make much noise because I didn’t want to seem like I was notifying someone else of what had happened but hoped Gambit would be aware all the same. Vader got the drop on him and shot him just as Gambit’s shot fell wide of the mark. I go up the stairs to see the 2 of them walking towards each other talking. It turns out Vader had sent the elevator to his floor with his bag in and when Gambit had seen it he knew something was up. Vader then systematically worked his way clearing floor by floor before picking his bag up and making his way inside. He had been doing this routine every day since the game started. Mad props. The rogues have failed and we are invited in for consolation drinks. When rogues are shot they are neutralised for 30 minutes, Vader will go into his flat and not be out for hours now hes back and we have no chance on getting a kill on him this evening by waiting for him. We might as well take him up on his offer and call it a night

We enter his flat and he goes to bring us some wine and leaves us in his room, me and Gambit take a failure selfie as proof we were there and then settle into our drinks after being disarmed and our guns left by the door of the room. Vader reminds us of the 30 minute rule and that we’ll either have to leave before that time is up or be shot at regular intervals to reset the neutralised timer. He sets a countdown on his iPhone and lays it on the bed. Without words or prior discussion me and Gambit begin to think of ways we can subvert the timer. Vader has a watch and about 15 minutes into our drinking and talking Gambit asks about it and it turns out its from the bar, Vader enquires if its his and although its not he gives him it for a closer look. They talk watches and Gambit is trying to find a way to alter the watch to mess with his timekeeping but fails, meanwhile I’m keeping eyes on the phone and trying to move closer to it so if he turns his back I can stop the timer and throw his timekeeping off that way. The opportunity never arises and the alarm goes off for a 5-minute “its time to go or be shot” warning and we decide to make a photo opportunity of it. I set the GoPro up in the corner of the room and we pretend to be tied up and blindfold ourselves, Vader shoots us at 29 minutes and the clock is reset. We sit back down and continue drinking and shooting until the bottle is empty before skulking back off home unvictorious but glad we didn’t have to wait as long as with Eru

Tomorrow is the final DFTD and we expect there to be some sort of shenanigans with the Supreme Commander due in town. Its time to get some rest and set some plans in action

Drinks for the Dead #4

Vader is essentially off limits today with him working at the bar tonight, he won’t be taking many risks and La Muerta are likely to be chasing Vader. Gambit is busy at work and the rogues have been quiet recently, meaning I can try and second guess these guys during the day or I can wait for what I assume to be the call for my first night as bodyguard to Supreme and go from there. I expect to hear at some point during the day in preparation for the evening so I take the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep and to carry out an assassin’s less glamorous duties. Like cleaning up all the rubbish dotted around your room, picking up the feathers from the wings you ordered but happened to break when you tried them on (fitting) and drinking copious amounts of tea. The call never comes, however my room is looking fabulous! My mother would be proud

Given its the final Drinks for the Dead and I’ve become a rather outspoken member of the rogue fraternity on Twitter so as to give the Shadow Government something to retweet I want to make a special effort and decide to turn up in my full assassin outfit. Black and purple jumpsuit, black feathered wings (which as already discussed spontaneously disintegrated when trying them on) and my rifle on show. Vader knows I’m out to get him and its not going to hurt to be a visible presence around the place. I gear up, make sure I’m toting fresh water for ammo and I make my way to Danger of Death one last time as Icarus

I swing into the bar shortly after 7 to find no one there but Hungarian. I sit, I draw my weapon and he offers me a beer. We laugh about the previous night and cover the usual how everyone is doing and what they’ve been up to. Time ticks on and we discuss whether anyone else is going to turn up, the Shadow Government made one tweet from their account but hadn’t hashtagged it and nothing was wrote on the mainframe. Assuming they were preoccupied with Supreme I took it upon myself to reword their tweet and hashtag it so it was visible to anyone who might just be following that as well as jotting something on the mainframe. I assumed people would know or at least guess but I wanted to make sure. I figured it would be busy tonight and the next time we’d get a chance to all come together would be the wrap party at the end of the week. With no one in sight Vader figured he would go for a smoke, I accompanied with gun in tow. We knew the rules, he was safe as long as he stayed on the block but when he stepped off he was fair game. He played me by stepping on and off the pavement very briefly but not long enough for my gun to wind up and get him before he was safe. Pushing him off the pavement struck me as a dick move and i had no intention of going down that route. I scouted the cars and corners nearby for assassins and rogues and turned up no one, so back downstairs we went. This would repeat a few times before others began to arrive

As the night went on, more people would arrive. Regulars (both dead and civilians) as well as newcomers. Stench made his arrival in his police outfit with a silver skull mask on which if he’d ever wore to shoot someone at night would have put the shits up them. Once again so many people turn up its impossible for me to name check you all. Every time Vader leaves for a smoke, me and Gambit escort him with weapons drawn. More for show and impact rather than hope of actually getting a kill. But we make sure not to tell anyone who we’re specifically after except the other rogues who are in the know such as Death by Misadventure and the Baptists. The Shadow Government begins to drop hints as to Supreme’s location and we assume its a nearby steak place, Hungarian tells the Baptists hes sure he knows where it is and if he wasn’t working he would make a move to check it out. They ask him but he refuses to tell them and they have their own idea anyhow. Hungarian calls me over saying he knows he can trust me and gives me a slip of paper telling me to wait until the Baptists return from their scouting trip to see if they were thinking about the same place. I tuck it away safely and give him no reason not to trust me in case its a test, the location is of little worth to the Baptists and will make no difference to us other than being able to keep eyes out in case La Muerta make moves on Supreme. The Baptists eventually return and the paper is checked, the locations didn’t match and the Baptists had no luck at their one. We don’t know if Vader was right to this day

Stench has told me earlier in the evening its likely that Team M.E.D. Would turn up but I am doubtful as to whether they would after everything, but true to their word they show up in the form of the elusive Eru (Spoiler: it had been her) and deceased team leader Merve the Turk. Unfortunately Dogan is preoccupied for the evening but its nice to finally meet Eru after stalking her for so long. She was immediately grilled about her whereabouts and what exactly had went in to finding her. When she was told how Gambit had her on Facebook she called him out as a liar, even after explaining how he’d made a fake profile, “If you check your friends list you’ll find 2 people by that name” he tells her, pulling his phone out and showing Eru her profile. She shares a look with Merve before getting her phone and double checking. Even now she hadn’t even realised. Gambit had inadvertently chosen to clone one of her old professors at university and she had questioned at the time why they weren’t already friends but thought nothing of it and accepted. We laughed and promised the account would be promptly closed and deleted. They were curious as to who our next target was upon learning we were rogues but true to our word we never divulged but they correctly guessed they were present this evening. I pointed out it would be REALLY obvious to identify who it was if they just waited and paid attention. After a while they make their way upstairs to go for a smoke and a few people are starting to peel away, including the Baptists who leave without saying much which strikes me as odd as we had planned to meet up afterwards and try and get a last minute La Muerta kill. Moments later a commotion begins at the bar

Stench has ran up a bill and is making a bit of a ruckus before dashing out of the place in a hurry with Vader in tow. Looks are exchanged around the bar and various people reach for their guns and begin dashing out the bar following the 2 as they flee. I reach the exit to find Vader on the doorstep and nobody else in view outside. I do a quick patrol to look around for other people and spot Stench down a side street and realise whats going on, theres been a plan hatched to get Vader to step off the street and line up the Baptists for a kill by pulling a runner owing a bill. That would explain the Baptists’ actions earlier. Various rogues are now patrolling the streets outside looking for La Muerta and keeping an eye on Vader. Eru and Merve are outside asking what all the commotion is about and I explain Stench’s runner and they correctly identify my target for the evening but I refuse to tell them if they are right or not. People are starting to make their way back into the bar and I go to join them before thinking otherwise and turning back to Eru and shooting her in the chest. I spent 3 days after this one and I had a golden opportunity to take the shot. She beckons for my gun to obviously take a shot at me and I let her have it. Its only fair and I feel totally vindicated regardless. Vader is still standing on the step and having none of it all pointing out it doesn’t bother him that Stench did a dash and that he’ll just call the police in if need be. I offer to cover the bill if he doesn’t return to stop that becoming an issue but I don’t think hes listening properly. He does eventually return downstairs and Stench returns shortly after to pay up. It seemed a bit of a hamfisted plan given that not everybody was aware of it but it did make for an interesting scene in the middle of the street

The night progresses and the crowd is thinning. There is little to no action on the mainframe however the Shadow Government starts dropping some hints that they are nearby at Shoreditch House. Its about kicking out time and people are wondering what could possibly be left for us to do for the evening. Some of us are discussing plans to check out around Shoreditch House just in case, its not worth us paying to go in to check but La Muerta might be thinking the same thing. While this discussion is happening, Gambit comes downstairs and tells us there are 2 odd characters sat at a table and chairs across the road with a clear view on the front door and he thinks it might be them. I go up to check with him followed by a couple of others and we can’t tell. They’re definitely staring across and the place they are at is closed. Its suspicious. More people come up including Vader and a couple of us smoke outside and keep a look out while we discuss options inside but out of view, we can see them through the partially closed blinds still. Some of us plan to sneak out the fire door round the side with Hungarian’s permission, while a couple plan to make to go home and cover one of the streets while I would then walk directly up to them and if they fled they would be cut off. While people are moving onto the street and into position the 2 guys get up and start walking away, unbeknownst to myself who is busying talking to a couple of the smokers about whats going on. The plan begins to unravel and I decide to jump out and get a better view of where everyone is and where our 2 chaps are heading off to. I’ve never met these guys before so I have no real life visual to fallback on other than my phone which is currently in an inside pocket of my jumpsuit. Our people are looking down the road still unsure of if they are our targets or not. I figure the only way to be sure now is to go for it. I run, charging past the other rogues. My feet pounding off the pavement, gun drawn and primed to go. I close on them and realise that I still can’t really positively identify these guys due to my phone being tucked away. They haven’t ran despite me bearing down on them but that tells me nothing. “Sorry guys…” I begin, and then think better of it promptly shooting them both in the legs. They turn and look at me “dude…?”. I make my apologies and walk back to the others chuckling to myself. I had my first collateral damage of the game We all return to the bar, Vader coming up the rear last and he ends up in a discussion with myself and the Baptists. Something is said between them and Vader uses my gun to shoot The Authority, perhaps more than you could argue was necessary as a joke. Shes not too impressed. By now its getting time to leave and a group of us are planning to swing by Shoreditch House just as a last ditch effort to see if anyone is around there. The bar now only contains Vader and some friends of his and as we leave for the final time The Authority points out shes left her coat and that Vader overstepped the line, remarking “Wheres the rogue loyalty?” And I have to admit, I maybe should have intervened in her drenching. We discuss what we’re going to do and its decided

We ready our guns and the door is thrust open, diving in and opening fire all in attendance at the bar. We grab our things and dash out into the street

As we near Shoreditch House we make our way down the street outside, making note of everyone dotted around. A couple of guys have crossed the road walking the same way as us and are closer than we might expect people to normally get. We spread ourselves thin, so that if its them they can’t neutralise us but they pass without incident and it wasn’t them. However reaching the end of the street, Death by Misadventure says he thinks he saw a couple of dodgy characters down the far end and he decides to loop around and check them out while we stand at the end of the street blocking their escape of they make a run for it. He hands us a walkie talkie and off he trots. A nervous wait ensues, Gambit looking up the street and me checking the main street by Shoreditch station. Various cars are parked around and taxis are sitting waiting, but no sign of any assassins. I’m standing with my gun drawn still so its a bit of a deterrent for anyone to try and take me by surprise. Eventually Death by Misadventure returns and the guys he spotted were of no concern to us. We agreed to call it a night and parted ways before grabbing our various night buses

Overnight the mainframe updates and Jeff Vader and La Muerta were disqualified for not meeting the kill quota of the final week

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