Part 5/7: …To Those That Wait

Merve the Turk & Dogan the Barbarian

Todays the day: Sunday bloody Sunday. Rogue communications had hinted at a large scale showing to wait for these guys and I had images of them appearing and being gunned down by at least 7 people. I put a call out to see who is planning on attending and get nothing back other than a potential sting operation being setup for Eru in a pub that we probably scuppered any chance of actually happening after our hi-jinx yesterday but this wasn’t communicated to us at the time. Candy also plans to drop his false lead to the Eagle today despite us doing it yesterday. So thats on the cards to break up our day. We had intel from a friend of Stench’s on the nature of the visit to Turkey and set some ground rules to go easy on Merve and to lay into Dogan just to be safe. We’d also discovered that depending on where exactly they’d fly out from that there was flights from 930am to 930pm so we were genuinely clueless as to their return

Stench was outside Merve and Dogan’s at 9am with Gambit to turn up later on and join him in the car. I was to once again attempt to be homeless to give us a different perspective. I grab my breakfast and sat hi to Stench before deciding to dump my bag across the road near some bins in the shade of a tree. It was once again a glorious day in London and I was already sweating my tits off in the shade alone. I put my bag down and took up position, noting the acute smell of warm piss in the corner behind of me. It sucked, but it certainly would benefit my attempted disguise. Stench pointed out I looked a bit clean for a homeless guy and suggested I use some of the crap on his hubcaps to filth myself up which I declined. Instead opting to roll around in the pissy dirt, rubbing it in my hair and beard. It didn’t exactly make a huge difference but figured it was worth a shot. And so our waiting began

Being a resident’s only parking area, if a warden came Stench would have to move the car so I was the eyes for wardens and Team M.E.D. in his absence. Gambit eventually joined us and the 3 of us continued our stake out as we’d planned, with them messaging me any info on my phone in lieu of any other way of contacting me. People came and went and today I was having a lot more people asking if I was ok which was good in regards to the disguise but also disconcerting. I wanted people to ignore me not talk to me! My stock response became “I’m fine thanks, I’m just staying out of the sun” which worked mostly. A couple of young chaps walked up and down a few times and were added to my list of weird guys this street had developed. It was fitting that my final day hunting Team M.E.D. was spent in the disguise I had at the beginning of this whole thing. A lot of people put stuff in the bins and a lot of people avoided me as best as possible. Lots of people were wandering around but we knew were were waiting on 2 possibly 3 people with suitcases presumably getting out of a taxi. Research had shown no sign of a car so they were unlikely to use the buildings gated carpark but Stench took precautions to raise a barrier out the ground to slow them down should they try to drive in there. It was easier to check people out today and we knew they would eventually show so we were fairly upbeat

Hours passed and we were having no joy. At one point an old woman shuffled up to me after going to the bins and held out a £2 coin for me, I flustered. There were people who could see us including a chap in a building opposite, I couldn’t refuse her money or explain what was going on in case it blew my cover I begrudgingly accepted the £2 and thanked her, mentally noting to make another donation later on. Throughout the day, Gambit and Stench made attempts to ask anybody coming out the building if they knew Merve and Dogan, excuses were occasionally made. Packages were discussed but it became apparent this was a typical London block of flats, nobody knew anyone else. Gambit managed to get in the building at one point but found nothing of any help inside so returned once again to the car

Cars were doing their randomly parking in the street for up to 30 minutes a time before driving off again. One of these card pulled up and parked right in front of me, which made me question who would be comfortable parking their car beside a homeless guy and getting their kids out with this dude lying on a sleeping bag less than a foot away from your door. Stench and Gambit text me upon seeing this. “Lol”. I talk to the owner of the car as he comes around to let his wife out and explain he should be careful as the warden has been around and is pulling no punched with people’s cars and that hes in a residents only area. He tells me hes on a single yellow and is fine, which thwarts my attempt at getting him to move and I’m left sat behind the car. Do I move so i can see or do I hold my ground. It would look odd for a homeless guy to move to the opposite side of a tree, plus theres an eviscerated pigeon carcass beside of it that I’d rather not have to deal with. So I decide to wait, and thankfully the family returns shortly afterwards and move on. Many chuckles are had between the my fellow assassins and myself. An hour passes and another car pulls up, this time theres less space as someone else is parked beside the pigeon corpse and he gets out his car and asks me if he hit anything. I tell him no hes fine and he starts moving the bins around to make more space. I am stunned by his gall but manage to roll out my line again about the wardens and again he doesn’t care. He parks his car in front of me and off he goes. These people

Shortly afterwards a friend of Stench’s came to keep us company for a bit, but I had become transfixed on the car in front of me and hadn’t spotted her arrival on a bike. She wheels it across the road and beside of the car and in front of me and in my head I question “who the fuck would do that?”. She says hello to me and asks if I need anything, I wheel out my “I’m fine thanks, I’m just staying out the sun” and she replies “Its ok, I know why you’re here. I’m just going to leave my bike behind you” and the old adrenaline surges through my system as she walks off “Rogue? Who is she? Why hasn’t she communicated to us when we put a call out earlier!”. My phone vibrates and I look, its from Stench “Meet Sophie” and it dawns on me who it is and I calm down. I get her to move her bike as I think it blows my cover and she returns and we say hi again before shes off to the car with the other 2. Car dude shows back up and is off again leaving me with a good view once more and I’m back on the watch

A little time more passed and I spotted a chap with a Home Food’s bag making his way to the bins with what I assumed to be a load of rubbish. I continued to keep an eye out for the targets and wardens but also kept an eye on him. He was taking some time at the bins and I assumed he was sorting his recycling out the bags. Maybe 10 minutes passed and he finished up and came over to me, “hello friend” he says “how are you?”. “I’m fine thanks, I’m just staying out the direct sun” comes my reply but then it hits me. This guy isn’t a resident, this guy looks homeless and has been going through the bins getting what he can. He continues to talk to me and he talks, and talks and talks

He is called Salim, he asks my name and I tell him its Ben. He calls me Brother Ben. He is asking me what I’m doing and various other things about me, I tell him I’m just waiting out the sun and I’m homeless hoping he’ll be on his way. Only this guy has a terrible grasp of english. Despite me correcting him he keeps mishearing what I say until I decide to go along with it. I am Brother Ben, I’m not homeless I’m a house salesman and I’m waiting on the floor by the piss smelling tree on a sleeping bag for a friend to come out of the building opposite. Now, I cannot possibly transcribe our whole conversation as much as I wish i could. For I was on guard and alert and not really listening to him in the hope he would move on and leave me alone. Gambit came out the car to come closer to hear what the guy was saying to me, and I did my best to wave him of without Salim spotting me giving signals. Gambit returned to the car obviously reporting back what he could and I continued to be talked to. To be lectured. I should visit the mosque in Victoria he tells me, he talks to me about the failings of christianity. He talks to me about how ludicrous christianity is. “Are you telling me god would get Mary pregnant and then not take her up to heaven with him? No Brother Ben. What type of man is this? Does a man marry a woman and then leave her on the street when he goes back up to his house? No Brother Ben” he goes on. “The old kings and queens. Your Elizabeth, your Victoria, your George. They were all christians and now they are dead. They believed in christianty and they are now in hellfire. You, you Brother Ben. Your father, your mother, your father’s father, your mother’s mother, your sons, your daughters, you will all go to hellfire”. This guy goes on and on, trying to convince me that Islam is the way. That I have made a mistake by being raised a christian and that my mistake has forsaken all my family past, present and future and that the only logical solution is Islam. With Islam, I will go to paradise. With Islam, I can have 4 wives! This is the only way I can avoid hellfire! Hellfire and paradise are mentioned many times over the remaining conversation. The entire time I’m eyeballing the guy for potential weapons and on edge in case he suddenly takes a dark turn with me, he doesn’t look to be hiding anything but I don’t want to take any chances

45 minutes has passed now and hes still here. Sophie makes her way over to try and assist me, but I’m waving her off like mad. I think I can get rid of this guy myself without risking upsetting him or freaking him out and maintaining our position. She comes over with a bag of food and drink, asking if I was ok, that she’d seen me yesterday and thought I might like this. I glance in the bag and its mostly rubbish, I thank her and put the bag behind of me so Salim doesn’t see this. I keep trying to wave her off, Salim is looking at her and me a bit confused. She starts to talk about the homeless shelter down the road and offers me a pound which I refuse but thank and eventually she shuffles back a bit confused at why I was so off with her. Salim turns to me and asks me if thats who I was waiting for and I say no, but that she is a friend. “Your girlfriend?” He enquires, but I tell him no. Just a friend. He tells me if I go to the mosque at Victoria that she can become my wife and I nod along. Hes getting a bit more touchy with my now and I’m ready to bat him off and make a run if things go south. I try and move him along, telling him I don’t want to keep him on his day and I’ll take what he said into consideration. All the time my phone is going mental, the guys in the car are worried about this dude and wanting to know if I want out. Stench later tells me he was ready to drive the car over and proclaim “Agent Icarus, mission aborted. Its time to go” and get me in the car and drive off. Which would have extricated myself from the situation and left Brother Salim completely baffled. But we didn’t go down that route, 4 handshakes later and a faked phonecall and he left and with him went my anxieties and more than likely my redemption from hellfire

Gambit came over to check on me and tell me they were going to head off to the Eagle to check up on the sting operation. They’d rang Merve’s phone and rather than go straight to answer machine it had been an international ringtone, she was at the airport bored and was unlikely to be home for a few hours. I wasted no time in dumping my stuff in the boot and driving off into the distance with Stench. Gambit was to stay behind and keep eyes on the place in our absence while he awaited Lady Gambit. Before we left they told me how the 2 guys who had kept walking past me earlier were part of a halfway house down the road and they’d commented to Sophie who had went down there to talk to them about how they’d spotted a rather well groomed looking homeless guy down the road, not to mention the 2 guys sitting in a car for most of the day. They thought they might be police, drug dealers or pimps. Given that these were guys who had spent most the day walking up and down the street or hanging out the front of their building its not really surprising we looked out of place to them. Thankfully they just chuckled when they heard our true purpose for being there all that time. But if only they had know the truth

All in all I’d sat there for 6 hours on the floor by the warm piss. My arse was killing me. The car was heaven and sitting in the pub with a cider was glorious. We’d approached and done the same we’d done the day before. Stench secured the front and I secured the rear, only today there were people present. I couldn’t repeat my gate locking of the previous day which left us a bit more insecure but by this point we weren’t so fussed. We were confident Eru wasn’t playing but this was something we had to do given our deductions of the phonecall to Merve. We sat, we drank, we chilled. We probably wouldn’t be in action for at least 4 hours now. Napalm Stench sat on one side of the beer garden bench, his gun concealed in his racket bag and I sat opposite him. My rifle inside of an Amazon box we’d found in the street the day before and kept for potential future use.mThe potential sting operation was at a different location nowhere near us and was a bit confusing. Meanwhile Candy had set up his own ruse posting an old picture of a half drank pint in the Eagle and talk about enjoying avoiding the football. It would eventually turn out candy had been doing this a while and had taken pictures of himself how he had looked before this all began at various locations and used them as a wild goose chase for anyone checking his Facebook. It was fucking clever

We decided Candy’s involvement was much more likely a target given our attempted sting the day before, but we were also on the look out for any rogues who had gone quiet on the emails. 2 people sat down behind of us with oversized bags, we eyeballed them and eavesdropped and decided they were no threat. A little while later 4 people sat down with various racket bags and were talking between each other and we were cautious. We didn’t want to draw guns but we needed to work out who was safe and who wasn’t. I’d also repeatedly joked with Stench as to how funny it would have been after all this time if it turned out he was me and Gambit’s target all along and after 3 days I just sat in his car, turned and fired on him. I didn’t tell him he wasn’t being hunted by the rogues, only that I couldn’t divulge such information. I’m not entirely sure what he believed, but we were cautious all the same. They were of no concern to us and we returned to our drinks, finishing a few rounds before making our way back to Merve and Dogan’s to relieve Gambit who had to leave. Another unsuccessful pub expedition, but we expected as much. We bought supplies next door and went back to take up what would be our final position for the evening

We waited, we sat and we waited for hours. It got dark, we watched the odd couples come and go. Questioned how many of the weirdly matched people were hookers and lonely men. We saw people with luggage in the distance, and we readied our guns. Every time it wasn’t them. We had spent days discussing what music would make good music to assassinate people to, and had settled on Classic FM commenting whenever a great song came on that now would be the perfect time. We planned to have the volume low until we dived out the car and gunned them down at which point we’d ram the volume up loud. But they never came. As time went on we began to question ourselves. What if they stopped at a hotel? What if they came back, spotted us and went somewhere else for the evening? Would they leave it this late and go off to work the following day? We began to unravel. The music kept us going, we’d gone this far and we’d be there as late as we possibly could. Probably until about 1am again. Time went on and our earlier drinks had taken its toll. We took turns dashing to piss behind a tree that looked concealed form where we sat but was perfectly open when we were over there. Taking it in turns to keep watch in the car while he other went to the tree with a pistol in the waistband of our trousers. Still we waited and they never came





1152pm. A taxi stops behind of us. Is this them? My window is wound down and I’m extremely visible, I can’t really get a visual and have to rely on the wing mirror to spot them. A couple exit the vehicle. Oh fuck is this them? The GoPro gets turned on and we make the motions we’ve made countless times in our stakeouts so far. We grip our guns tighter. The boot of the taxi opens and out come some suitcases. Oh holy shit its them. We have a positive id. Its 1152pm, we’ve waited nearly 15 hours today alone and they are beside of our car. If they come past my window and spot the guns the game is up. We wait. They walk onto the curb and Stench reaches for the radio volume. “GO”

He dives out his side and unloads on Merve as she screams, I run around the back of the car and shoot her as well. He turns on Dogan who has turned to see what is happening and he screams and the luggage is thrown away, Napalm Stench shoots him down as well as I run behind him and begin unloading as well. “Enough!” He cries, and we all come together. Hugs are exchanged, Merve shouts at Dogan that she knew this would happen. We tell them what we’ve done over the past few days and welcome them back to England. We ask about Erizan and are told shes not vey sociable to which we chuckle. We take their killcards and let them settle back in as we climb into the car. Our adrenaline is through the roof. We take pictures of the cards and divvy them up. Stench points out he got both kills in actuality which he did but I pointed out the rogues involvement over the course of the previous few days and how it was a team effort. He conceded Dogan’s card to me which if I’d have thought about it I could have gunned down while he got Merve in the gunfight if I’d ran around the front. He asks me what it will take for me to give him the killcard and offers me a bribe on the spot. I remind him that rogues can’t be bribed and that its a nice offer but I’ll have to decline. Its 1152pm, 8 minutes before Team M.E.D. were due to be disqualified and now Team M.E.D. are dead. I ring Gambit to let him know and then I try to ring Eevil to let her know the deed was done. I left the car in case something was mentioned that wasn’t for live assassin ears and took my gun in case the orders came through for Stench. She never answered and when I returned to the car Stench had locked the doors telling me he couldn’t trust me. We laughed and I fired shots at the car telling him he was safe that she didn’t answer and we made a gentleman’s agreement that if I was lying that I wouldn’t shoot him now as he had all my stuff in the car. Once inside we began entering our killcodes except I faltered to message some people that I’d finally got a kill and in doing so had allowed Stench to enter Merve’s killcode. Merve was the team leader and her team was classed as killed. When I tried to enter Dogan’s code it wouldn’t recognise. I was dumbstruck and couldn’t believe how we’d dropped the ball. The game had ended with only 1 recognised rogue kill but in actuality there was 2 and the second one couldn’t be attributed to either myself or Gambit due to our error. It was unfortunate, but we knew what we did without the fanfare of a recognised kill

Napalm Stench drove me home and we shook hands on a successful mission and agreed that would be the end of our communications until the game had ended later in the week. He drove away into the darkness and we went to bed. Less than 9 hours later he was assassinated

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