Part 3/7: The Dead are Restless

Drinks for the Dead #1

Every Wednesday is Drinks for the Dead (DFTD), where dead assassins and live assassins (if they’re feeling brave) meet up to exchange stories and drink to each others stories of both victory and defeat. I am torn as to whether to go to the event, so little has happened to me that I don’t really have stories to tell and my usual anxieties about going somewhere and not knowing anybody rear their head. But after a swift McDonalds I decided I’d be an idiot if I didn’t go. I’d paid all this money to be part of something and I wanted to get the most out of the experience. And this was the part that really got me about some (but thankfully not the majority) of the players of this game, for I turned up at 8 pm and of the 12 people who lay dead and damp only 2 dead assassins actually turned up. But I get ahead of myself

We’re given instructions to go to a secret bar in Shoreditch and present ourselves to the Hungarian and we’ll be taken inside. It sounds proper awesome and I’m curious as to the Hungarian. I get to the location and enter through the secret door and see a small handful of people by the bar. 2 unknowns, a bartender and none other than my Hawaiian contact, Hawaiian Bastard. We hug, he tells me he expected more of me and I can’t help but feel the same. He introduced me to the 2 unknowns. Gambit and his significant other Lady Gambit. We sit and we exchange tales of our undoing, he was double crossed at a legitimate networking meeting where he’d taken all the appropriate precautions including multiple disguises but he got spotted as he tried to leave afterwards and was promptly gunned down by a woman in a pregnancy suit. I thought his story was better than mine. The egg story was recited for the first of many times and there were passing mentions of being able to exact revenge as a rogue at a later date, and my decision to attend the evening had been rewarded

Within time we were graced by the presence of Eevil Midget and Moustache followed throughout the evening by various live assassins. The Fatal Femmes, Sierra2, Max Power but gradually they all slipped back off into the night including Gambit. I had nowhere to be the following day, what with being dead and all that plus the camping had now been cancelled so I decided to stay to the bitter end and enjoyed the company of the Shadow Government and the bartender, who as it happened turned out to be the fabled Hungarian. Throughout the course of the evening he was hearing stories and asking us questions and getting more and more into it all until by the end of the evening it was agreed he would join the game in the coming days and be assigned a target. We drank, we laughed, we ate salt beef together

It would be a week before I would see anyone again

Drinks for the Dead #2

The 2nd DFTD came around and I’d had a quiet week, no further mention had been made of rogues and I spent every day going to work with a loaded water pistol just waiting for my call, reading the mainframe intently and watching the kills rack up. Without hesitation I made my way to the drinks. Going through the secret door and this week finding at least 6 other assassins there. Gambit and Eevil were there and a whole host of people who I have no chance of remembering them. Brundlefly, Osho and Simo are the few that stand out to me at this point. Stories are exchanged, I’m introduced to everyone as Icarus to responses of “oh! Your the egg guy!”, I sulk to myself but chuckle all the same. The eggs have stained my name forever

This DFTD has a lot more in attendance, more assassins both dead and alive enter the place over the course of the evening. GM, Jenna, The Baptists, the list goes on. Stories and drink are flowing merrily and people show off their weapons to each other. Shotguns, pistols, battery powered guns, replica AK47s… Later on in the evening theres a panic stricken Jenna running around asking who took her gun. Shes a live assassin who left her gun unattended and come midnight will be fair game to her assassin if they’re present (Who I believe was there at some point). Accusations are thrown around at anybody who is failing to control their laughter and it is eventually located but its an important reminder that nowhere is safe and the rules in this game are pretty broad. Had it been her actual assassin that had pulled off that trick it would have been an amazingly sneaky kill story but alas all was well

The evening continues and everyone is suitably merry and theres a handful of live assassins who should have gone home but have failed to, including Jenna and Brundlefly. Everyone is making to leave at kicking out time and I go to settle my tab with the Hungarian and ask him out of earshot of everyone else how its going with his target. He tells me his target had been here all night and he can’t leave the bar to try and get him later on to which I scoff at but wish him all the best in the meantime. We all go to leave and Hungarian follows Brundlefly as he tries to leave with a bottle and takes it off him before coming up to see us all out. As I step out the door I am gunned down once more, this time by Jenna in what I assume at the time to be a test of if I was a rogue or not but in hindsight to what I think to be just drunken hi-jinx. A small scale gun fight erupts in Brick Lane with us scattering everywhere and its all fun and games, Hungarian tells us to all get together to pose for a photo with our guns and we head to where Jenna and Simo are across the road. Brundlefly makes his way to join us and suddenly sprinting at us comes Hungarian, tiny water pistol outstretched and camera phone recording. He grabs Brundlefly and shoots him in the neck before taking him away and presumably explaining and buying him drinks. That was it, I watched someone get gunned down in front of me and it was horrible. His game was over, he’d dropped his guard and our fooling around had got him killed. Jenna and Simo were confused at what was going on and I told them it was best we leave quickly, we parted ways and I got a night bus and all I could think was how horrible it was to watch someone make a mistake and die just like that. But now I knew how to find out Hungarian’s assassin name, I waited for the kill story to see what was divulged and went home to research everyone I had met that evening to find out what I could for future reference. I was told a lot that night that I maybe shouldn’t have and I hoped it would serve me well

Drinks for the Dead #3: Check-ins

Week 3 rolls around and I’m vague as to the recollection of when I received notification that I had been greenlit as a rogue, I have a feeling it was the Tuesday of that same week but if not it was around then. I had upgraded my weaponry and invested in an automatic machine gun having decided that maybe investing the £125 in a water cannon (Seriously look up the Hydro Cannon, that thing has recoil

I turn up early to scope the place out, its busy. Its incredibly busy, its so busy that even in my purple jumpsuit I think people may struggle to locate me. So I ask to speak to the manager and I explain to her why I’m dressed like this and what I’m doing and my role for the evening, alongside my concerns about visibility. I ask her permission to walk around the place with my gun on show so as to draw attention to myself which she grants, she also looks after my backpack for the evening and was a really good sport about it. So off I went to a balcony overlooking the courtyard, cider in hand and gun slung across my shoulder. And I wait. And I wait some more. Its a while before anyone approaches me and I’ve already finished my pint, which for people that know me will understand it meant I was there quite some time. Communications between the rogues and the Shadow Government showed that my situation was being echoed around Southwark, they just weren’t here. Finally I am approached by some people, a man I know all too well and a new chap who we spotted coming across the courtyard from an apparent second entrance. Brundlefly and the man I would soon discover was Ninja Squash, a live assassin but one who had no need to check in. We talked for a bit and chuckled about the previous week and a new man approached and stood off to one side of the balcony and I asked them to leave to give him an opportunity to talk. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed whether people had showed up or not, I can’t recall him giving me his name but he then went to check up on some other locations. I assumed he was a live player being coy about me giving away his position so I left him to it. Moments later a twitter notification came through from a girl who had recently followed me to do with the game. She had tweeted about our conversation and how there was nobody else showing up and a wry smile crept across my face. I’d fallen for the easiest ruse there was, I’d let myself assume she was who she said she was. Amateur

My mystery man returned and we chuckled, he introduced himself as The Fury and we talked about his previous time in the game and the weird evening. He would keep me company more than anyone else that evening, but most of the night was spent by myself or fielding questions at the bar when I went to get drinks for myself. Eventually I had a network of 5 or 6 groups of people who were so interested in the game and what was going on that they offered to keep an eye out for any odd characters and would get my attention and point them out for me. Eventually though, nobody could assist me when the time arose. Once again I’d drank a lot and I was dying for a piss, I was sick of waiting and after Fury had asked if I wanted to head to the Southwark Tavern to check out some people over there for a break I declined and headed to the toilet. When I returned he was gone and there was a loud group of people entering the courtyard of whom I could identify 2 of them. Jenna and Brundlefly. They seemed oblivious to my presence and were talking so loudly I didn’t even need the assistance of my spy network (who were all going crazy at me dotted around the place) to know something had went down and these were my guys. I snapped a few photos and eavesdropped from my position until someone eventually looked up and they chuckled, I flashed them my gun and they continued on their discussion. A check of twitter showed there had been a gunfight between the Southwark Tavern and the George and I had missed it despite being given the opportunity to be there. I take my leave of my position and join the assassins downstairs

The Southwark Shootout as it has become known all happened by coincidence, a handful of different assassins all ended up at the Southwark at the same time and between them all were all hunting each other (I think). With the exception being Jenna, who knew her target’s (Ninja Squash) target (Team Spice) were also there so by taking out him first she would inherit his target and could get some quick kills. Their story has been told better elsewhere, but from what I gather drinks were bought between them, someone got up and made for the door and in quick succession they all grabbed their guns and dashed out the door and a gunfight ensued. Ninja Squash getting his target before being gunned down by Jenna who then gunned down Team Spice. The loud discussions being held at the George were to do with Team Spice arguing they were not a valid target at the point Jenna shot them. An agreement had seemed to be made and drinks were had between everyone until Team Spice made a dash for it, I think it was R3x, and Jenna made chase after him but he reached the safe zone of the tube where he promptly began to mock Jenna who in turn shot him in the crotch and left him to his tube journey in what was a stroke of beauty

Meanwhile I’ve spent yet more of my evening doing StreetWars PR to the occupants of the George, sitting down and talking to people, having pictures taken, letting people shoot my gun, directing people to the website. I’ve spent more time as a spokesperson tonight than actual rogue responsibilities. Everyone trickles away and its getting late, nobody else has really showed up anywhere else and people are calling time. I put out my final announcements and make my way to the Southwark Tavern to meet up with Gambit who was everyones point of call in there. He’d also managed to miss all the action and we finished the evening finding another rogue called Big Foot in the bar before throwing some waterbombs at a defenceless bin and making our way home. Mission complete but not what we’d anticipated from the evening

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