143 days to save the world

I haven’t wrote on here for some time for one reason or another (As per usual), but with a couple of people checking out the website again and reminding me that it exists now seems as good a time as ever to get back to writing something. Especially considering my internets down and theres nothing much else I can do lol

So what’s changed since last time I wrote? Quite a lot as it happens. I’m single once again and living a suitably single person lifestyle which goes without saying isn’t suitable to be written about here but can be summed up with the following categories: Good times, bad times, box ticking times and actual waste of times. Those in the know will be able to fill the categories with relative ease

I now regularly attend the Hide & Seek Sandpits in London with a friend I met through Gamecamp and as part of that we’re now heading to IGFest in September where I’m hoping to finally be able to have a go at 2.8 Hours Later after hearing so much about it. On top of this I’m in semi-regular contact (Read as “I’ve been to the pub a couple of times and talk to them when I see them but know I should make more of an effort to go to events”) with a group of indie developers based down here in London. I’ve still yet to get around to properly programming games but having now finished my zero year of my degree at London Met and due to start my actual Computer Science stuff in September I will be getting on that and addressing it. I learned some valuable lessons during my foundation year and hope to take them onto the main degree with me and benefit all the more from that experience, and I’ve got to know some good people from it all as well 🙂 Also of note I’ll be moving into student halls by the September 18th so that’ll be another milestone passed

A quick summary of some things I’ve pre-booked over the next 6 months and thus will eventually talk about no doubt:

  • Getting early tickets to go to the Shard’s viewing platform
  • Potentially attending drinks at the top of the BT Tower
  • A gamification unconference in September

The list is surely going to grow as time goes on, but needless to say I’m definitely making more of being in London these days than I was. Which is a good thing as I’ve now been here just over a year, its flown past crazy fast and just goes to prove to me that I can’t sit back and just idle about. But I think I’ve put that into perspective by ticking a lot of things off my list in 2012 that I’ve wanted to tick for a long time

Now for some of those plans I said I had at the beginning of the year, back when there was 364 days to put those into action:


This was originally planned for Summer, and Summer thankfully arrived albeit later than we anticipated. So as this currently stands I’m due to begin my groundschool training this Friday (3rd August) with the intention to begin my jumps and my progress proper on the following Monday (5th August) whereby I have a week to complete as many (If not all) of the 18 jumps required to get myself my A license. Ahead of this, I’m currently in talks with a guy called Chris Shaw who will be hopefully taking me through some wind tunnel training so I can get some practice in before I’m actually falling out of the sky. I plan on blogging my progress on a daily basis on this to give people an idea of what it’s like as well as give me something to show people in the future given it’s been a life-long dream

Witness the Aurora Borealis

Iceland was the original destination! Iceland is expensive! Thus it was that Sweden became the new destination which is cool because I’ve always fancied the idea of going to Sweden. Plus I found I have a bit of a weakness for the Swedish accent, not sure where that originated from. So tickets have been bought to Stockholm where I’ll spend a few days before flying to the north of the country to a place called Kiruna. There is a nearby national park that apparently has some of the best Aurora Borealis viewings in the area, so the plan is to spend some extended period of time at the Aurora Sky Station. But these plans are subject to change and haven’t yet been set in stone

Save the World

Having yet to identify what will destroy the world this is still filed under “Work in Progress”. I will keep you informed

So all in all a lot has gone on and continues to go on. I’m just on my way to hopefully start my actual skydiving jumps and progressing on my course so I need to quickly finish typing up my post for the last day I did before I can start today’s! Due to me being in a relative rush as well there won’t be any pictures drawn until tonight so there’ll be a few blank looking posts for a few hours

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