What a difference a week makes

This time next week I’ll be on my way to London. But that’s an update for a later point. Firstly to a week ago! This blog is going to be cut like a Tarentino film as I never got to write an update last week due to general laziness. So lets rewind to not just last Friday, but the last Friday before that!

I was due to have a meeting with an area manager to find out about a job. I turned up nice and early, an hour and a half early for an informal meeting, I turned up too early but it was nice. So after idling around for a while and coming across a tree growing out of a metal bridge and a giant purple upside down cow stage I headed back to where the meeting was to take place. I swanned in with all the awesomeness of a Lindt chocolate bunny to then be told my meeting was up “The Strand” (An awesome name for a zombie movie I thought). So off I went to find a shop I was pretty sure I wasn’t meant to be heading to in the first place, I struggled. The reason I was heading to the Trafalgar Square shop (I realise I hadn’t mentioned that) was that I knew where it was at, but I didn’t let that stall me. With my window of opportunity for still arriving early diminishing I swung into a shop and asked where the Ladbrokes was at. They pointed me in a general direction that was closer to the original shop than I’d thought figured so trundled back and into this small pokey shop to be told there was another shop further up The Strand that I should be aiming for, so with a wish of good luck from the nice chap there after I’d explained what I was doing I was off to my meeting. For the 3rd time. I tried ringing on the way to explain what was going on and make sure I was headed the right way, the phone kept ringing. I make it into the shop I was directed to 3 times over, to be told theres been a mistake and I was to head back to the original shop I’d went to. Bearing in mind I eventually made my way to the first shop 20 minutes early and then proceeded to go to 3 different shops and then had to come all the way back during the middle of lunchtime in London. BEARING in mind, that I left the shop where the person I was due to have the meeting with in the Trafalgar shop after she’d already set off, that I managed to get back to the shop a minute early for the meeting AND still beat her by a further 15 minutes. The science of what happened in between those 2 shops has so far been unproven. But I’m pretty sure I power walked so fast that I managed to warp the space time continuum and time travelled back to the shop 5 minutes after I originally left. Albeit without all the awesomeness of a Lindt chocolate bunny and the kind of poorly groomed hair that gets you a mystery shopper score of below 60%

Its now Friday and its 1pm, the area manager was ill and I had a meeting with a shop manager that involved me giving her all the details the area manager already knew. So not an all together successful meeting. Well, maybe successful isn’t the word I need to be using here. Worthwhile? Beneficial? Yeah they’ll do. In fact the only thing I leave the meeting with that’s of any real use to me is that I’ll hear about a job by Wednesday (This is Last Wednesday, not Last Last Wednesday which of course is 2 days old by Last Last Friday which is where we’re at now) and that I will definitely have a job in the center of London and get a free Oyster card. So we fast forward (No usage of time travel this time though) the story a few hours and we’re rushing out of Kat’s uni guaranteed to be late for a flat viewing in Wood Green. Its also not a flat, it’s a bedsit. But it doesn’t feel like one inside. Double bed, en-suite shower and toilet and a shared kitchen and garden between 2 other people. All bills included, in fact the only thing I pay for is food and the TV license. Its 10 minutes from the tube station and that itself is 20 minutes from the center of London. It also shares a tube line with places like Arsenal and Cockfosters, so every journey will have an element of chuckles about it, happy times! And all of this, for £585 a month. Brilliant, it seems unfathomably cheap I tell the lady. I also tell her it all relies on the local area as to whether or not I apply for it. Its at this point Tarentino decides to cut in a scene from earlier in the day. On the tube journey home from my meeting, it dawns on me that if I want this flat I basically need to apply for it that same day and have it all paid off deposit wise before I return back to Whitehaven. So the pressures on to find out just if this flat is going to be worthwhile or not. So a tour of the local area shed some light on Wood Green. There looks to be a bit of a dodgy council estate around the corner and seemingly sitting in some kind of crater but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Theres a cinema on the opposite side of the tube station than where I’d walk home every night after work. It’s the Friday of the schools being off so theres kids in groups looking as menacing as kids do, its pretty much what I’d read it to be like on the internet. A trip inside the local bookmakers (Theres 2 Ladbrokes within a minute of each other and a Paddy Power, the Paddy Power is pristinely tidy and seemingly normal, the Ladbrokes have so many discarded slips on the floor it looks like its snowed so badly that its began to form drifts underneath various tables) shows me all the type of folk that I might bump into in the streets, and a trip into the local Morrison’s culminates in us walking past a man being pinned to the floor by security. All in all, I figure this is the worst it could possibly be and theres no way this can be a regular occurrence. Whether I’m wrong or not will be proven in due course, but for now I’ve paid the deposits and shall be picking keys up on the 20th June 😀

So the plan has changed somewhat, its not quite the original property guardian idea but I couldn’t turn down this at the price it was. It may be in an apparently rough area, but at least I can guarantee exactly where I’m at in that rough area as opposed to where I might have ended up in the property guardian. Whether I’ve made the right choice I’ll never know, but I’m happy with it. Which I guess is profound in a way. Does the right choice always make us happy? And if making the right choice doesn’t make us happy, then was it ever the right choice to begin with?

So I’m currently rather light in the money department after having to pay substantially more than I’d bartered for as a deposit. The upside being that I’m actually paid up until August by which point I’ll be back on track savings wise and hopefully have enough money to begin my skydiving lessons but that’s been put temporarily on hold until I’m setup and plodding along nicely in London. I currently don’t have a job but I’m told I should have one by tomorrow, if I don’t then I’m going to get my rant on until something gets done. If there is a delay in getting a job I can take a weeks holiday to mitigate the gap between moving and starting my job, I was taking a random week in July for no reason so that kind of works out ok either way really. When I move I have a load of people I need to catch up with and spend some time with down there and the rest of this week is taken up with meeting various people and having leaving drinks and what not. Now the countdown begins then, and what has merely been scheming and planning is now turning into reality. I’m looking forward to being moved and being sorted so I can just get on with things, it feels like I’ve been sorting this out for so long that it would never arrive but it finally is. Now the worst part is just waiting for it :p

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