Recap: Whitehaven

It was August, I was back at home and I had been offered a chance to live with either my mam or my dad. My dad’s company was struggling and he’d been forced to make my brother redundant due to hardships. I decided I would move in with my dad to try and forge a better relationship with him while providing some much needed income for the house and easing the tension between him and my brother. Within a couple of weeks of returning, it was over for good with Jen for reasons I need not go into here. In fairness it had been over since at least April if not sooner. I told her I was going to take back the TV as I didn’t want them to have it anymore, I also questioned if I would actually get any money from them as they’d all been so bad at reliably paying me for the bills in Carlisle. I also said I’d be taking back the camera I’d bought that she hadn’t paid for. All seemed fine until we had went to collect it all. We turned up at the house to find nobody in and the back gate barricaded. Long story short, we got everything we had went there for and along with it I got all the closure I needed. We left with a fully laden van and went for a celebratory, if bitter sweet Burger King

Since I had returned home all my stuff had been dumped in a room waiting for me to sort it out. After Annan, I knew I wanted to sell it all but it would be months before I actually started to do that. Though I did make head way into selling the camera and the TV. The camera was sold to a chappy in Whitehaven and the TV ended up returning to Carlisle where it is still being played by one of The Keeper’s and its legacy continues. It was from this point in my life began to improve again, for starters I went through my finances and began what we used to term as an eco round back in the Counter Strike days. I cut out everything that was unnecessary and reduced what I did need to a bare minimum. In my final month at Annan I had very little money, to the point that I had only £30 to feed myself all month. I managed it, eating nothing but the cheapest mass produced pasta I could find. Mixed with the cheapest chopped tomatoes I could find and an ample throwing of mixed herbs with the occasional cheap hotdog thrown in for something meaty. In Annan I was making about £700 a month, with outgoings in the region of about £600

There are a lot more extra hours going free in West Cumbria, I took the opportunity to begin working down my debts which stood at about £1500 plus my £500 overdraft. I got a couple of lucky breaks along the way, my debt with the gym in Carlisle of £250 was wiped clear because they hadn’t got in touch with the company responsible for the debt to sort out ending it and sorting a final payment. So I put £200 into my savings account and put £50 on a horse that had been tipped to me at work. I kinda forgot about it until half way through the race as I watched it storm into the lead and win the race decisively. I won over £200 and put that in my savings as well. In 1 day I had managed to pay off both the gym and my TV, a week previously I finally paid off my camcorder that I hadn’t used in 2 years. I felt such a burden lifted. I was instantly £70 better off a month from there on in, and it continued to get better. So much better that I bought a £1200 laptop on a buy now, pay in 12 months scheme that was paid off in 8 months. This was on top of the £2000 I’ve already wiped out to date. Things were looking up

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