Recap: September 16th

On top of my financial breakthroughs came another unexpected twist on September 16th. An old friend that I met while on an old trip around my friends at university was coming to visit me. There isn’t much to show people of Whitehaven… “Thats the Beacon, its pretty shit. Thats the Rum Story, its a bit boring. Thats where a man I knew was murdered” You know, that kinda thing. So for something different, we went upto the Haig Pit museum. An old disused mine thats under Whitehaven, it was an odd experience. I’d never been before and had no idea what it would be like. We went inside and there was nobody around, just an empty shop and an empty museum full of a couple of pigeons. Dirty looking mannequins stood around corners and there was a draught blowing through the broken windows. It was only when we got to the back that we eventually bumped into someone looking after the place. We made our way round and then headed back home for a lack of things to do. On the way home we passed an odd unicorn statue thing in someones garden, it was most peculiar. When we were back we watched a CBBC program called “Animals at Work” before eventually heading to the pub with my dad who had come home with my brother. We drank, we played cards, my dad left and we stayed at the pub until they started turning the lights off around us

When we wobbled our way back home eventually, we sat and watched what seemed like hours of teleshopping. I can’t remember much of what we watched in truth, nor was I really that interested. I remember someone called David something or other, and referring to myself as David Benny. No idea why, but I wasn’t really interested. My friend had ended up lying in my arms as we watched TV and I just didn’t want to go to bed and risk that being the end of it. Truth be told when we first met all those years ago, I thought she was amazing and fancied the arse off her. There was chemistry even back then, but she was seeing someone else so nothing came of it. The second time we met, she had broken up with her chappy but I was now with Jen so nothing ever came of anything. In actuality we only really talked to each other and saw each other like once a year and that was it. So this was the first time we’d ever met and both been single, when we ended up going to sleep she fell asleep in my arms. I fell asleep smiling

It was unfortunate then that I woke with dribble streaming from my mouth. I’m by no means a sexy sleeper it has to be said. So it was fortunate for me she slept facing away. When she awoke we lay in bed talking for a few hours before I couldn’t bear it anymore and had to ask what exactly our situation was. I’d have kicked myself if she’d went home and neither of us had said mentioned it. When she replied that she wasn’t really sure, I opened up and told her how I felt about her. At the time I was terrified she wouldn’t feel the same and I’d make a fool of myself. With hindsight, I was an idiot to think that given everything but never mind. If we right it off as an adorable trait then we need not talk about it again eh. Anyhow, back to the story! It turned out she’d felt the same all this time and she’d been as unaware of how I felt as I had of her. We smiled, we laughed, we kissed. I was happy

On the 16th May, it will be mine and Kat’s 8 month anniversary

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