Recap: Carlisle

Now that retrojaffa is becoming something other than just my blog, this seems the next best place for me to do this. I feel compelled to start blogging again with the aim of documenting the next stage of my life. 6 weeks today, I will be leaving Cumbria and heading to London. I haven’t fully explained what is happening to everyone as in all honesty, its all a bit hard to explain and even harder for some people to fathom. Due to the sheer amount I’m going to recap since my last RJ blog I’m going to split this into a few posts over the next couple of days before going into the London plan. So lets start from the top, last you had read from me I was living temporarily in Frizington until I moved to Carlisle. Let me start with that:

Over a year ago my relationship with Jen broke down for reasons we were both aware of, we were both to blame, and I was very aware of my contribution to the breakdown. My move to Carlisle hadn’t exactly gone as planned: the house was a fucking state, the landlord a retard and I was denied a job I should have by all means walked in to (30hr Cashier job @ Bet Fred). After applying for a few jobs I eventually got a Christmas temp job at Lush alongside a temp job at Gamestation (I think I’m about as senior as Christmas temps get in there now). I knew nothing of soap, bath bombs and moisturisers. I still know very little now, but what I do know is I studied my fucking tits off to guarantee I could cope in the job. In my spare time at home and on my 4 hour commute to and from work every day (I was still working in Whitehaven for the first month I was in Carlisle if memory serves me right) I would sit with the Christmas catalogue and read it and tested myself until I had memorised a good 80% of the products and the gift boxes. I’m proud of what I achieved, and I’m happy to say I gave my all to that job no matter how hard I found it. I was the shittest member of staff there and I was well aware of it, but to have a job there and to have kept it when there were a good 2 dozen people who were Lush fanatics at the same interview as me surely speaks some volumes as to my work ethic and my abilities

Christmas came and went, there was no permanent job after my temp jobs. I knew that would be the case, there were far better people at Lush than me and they deservedly got the job. My Gamestation boat had already sailed: soured by the cardboard AT-AT incident, “intimidating” hat gate and a certain little (I use the word loosely) shit gobbler. So I rang my old area manager at Ladbrokes and asked for a job I so dearly needed, I couldn’t live going back on job seekers again. I asked for Penrith knowing there was a position available. Instead I was offered Annan in Scotland

It was February. From here on began the end of Jen and Carlisle for me. I was working unsociable hours, leaving the house at 745 to get to work for 830 and finishing at 2130 and getting the train home at 2230, entering the house at 2300. I’d see Jen for an hour if I was lucky and she’d be off to bed. Things got worse when the train timetables changed and I couldn’t get home until midnight, they were long days. On my days off I didn’t want to do anything but play games, with everything going on I’d be surprised if I wasn’t mildly depressed. My relationship was nearing its end, I hated the house I lived in and the people I lived with, I was glad to be in work to have some sense of normality and worth in my life. When it came to me having to move out, I did what any sane person would do: I’d move in with a customer from Ladbrokes who’d just broken up with his wife and live in his granddaughters bedroom

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