Recap: Annan

It was June. This isn’t what I’d had in mind. I was the English man living with a Welsh man in Scotland. He was meant to be getting a job on the boats and be out the house for 3 weeks every month, I’d have the house to myself and be looking after it for him and paying as much as I had been in Carlisle. The reality of the situation was I had moved in with a man who was there every day, a man whose only forms of entertainment involved going to the pub or watching horse racing, a man who felt it was ok to mock his wife who had recently moved out while I was sat in the same room and try to get me to mock her too, a man who openly complained at me taking his crockery to work, a man who thought it acceptable that his paying tenant should sleep in his granddaughters bedroom. The drawers filled with her clothes, the walls adorned with Hannah Montana and High School Musical posters, her toys still littering the room. I was miserable, I was downtrodden and I had entered the most bizarre environment I could have, so I did the only thing I could do. I laughed

Most of my possessions lay in boxes in Carlisle, due to the size of the move and the speed at which I decided to move out I didn’t have a chance to bring everything with me. Nor did I have the room for it for that matter, so I only brought what I deemed essential: my clothes and my computer. It was during my time at Annan that I realised how little I actually needed to get by, most of the stuff I had left behind was essentially meaningless to my existence. 6 boxes of games I never played and a couple of boxes of stuff I thought I would need. I lasted at least 2 weeks before I started getting my rage on with Mr Welsh man, significantly shorter than the 6 months I’d originally forecast for myself. After only 4 weeks I had requested a move back to Whitehaven, it was only a month after that I was on my way back. I was ready, I had taken to avoiding being in the house when Welsh man was around. Going as far as to heading out on a 20km random walk to pass the time and clear my head one day. When the time came, my brother and a close friend came and evac’d me with my dad’s work van. Taking all my stuff from Annan and Carlisle back to Whitehaven bar the stuff I needed at Annan clothes wise and the 50″ TV I was selling to them in Carlisle as I never used it anymore. On my final day in Annan, I had my final run in with Mr Welsh man. He’d turned around the day before I was leaving saying I owed him something like £60 for the days of rent I hadn’t paid him. He made out that my monthly payments were for a 28 day period each and that the £60 was what I owed him for the end of the month. I left him £20 for the early few days I had turned up at his due to leaving Carlisle a little earlier than planned and refused to give him anymore. I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to see him again

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