Destination: London

Over the past few months I’ve travelled to London multiple times to see Kat, including a trip with 2 of The Keeper’s (Joe and Gary) to the Eurogamer Expo last year. On these trips my love for London and the underground has been rekindled from years ago when I used to go down to Sevenoaks with my mam and again when me and Lisa went to our world record attempt with the coconuts (Happy times Leese!). In Cumbria you can’t get anywhere by public transport really after 6pm, in London you only have to wait a few minutes for the next tube to wherever you want. Since I’ve returned home I’m now debt free having paid everything off and on top of that I’ve finally got some money saved up from working hard over the past 9 months. Most of this money is a safety net for London, and theres a chunk of it in there thats probably going to go towards me fulfilling a life dream and becoming a qualified skydiver dependant on how much I end up going there with

So the plan! I’ve applied for a transfer with Ladbrokes to a shop in London which I should be hearing back from within the week, on top of that I’ve currently got a job application in for an IT Helpdesk job at head office which would be awesome if I got. I’m hopeful but not edging my bets (lol) on it. Come June 19th I’ll be buying a one way ticket to London where I’ll move in temporarily with Kat. When I’m there I’ll be applying for a scheme called Property Guardians, which I’ve struggled to explain to people sensibly. So I’ll quote one of the companies to help me:

” At any point in time there are hundreds of flats, houses, offices, schools, pubs, Care Homes and many more properties, just sitting empty. Of course there are good reasons for this, some will be awaiting new owners, some will be vacant before new tenants move in but whatever the reason many of them are good buildings that are simply not being used.


At Ad Hoc, we work with the owners of these properties to offer affordable short-term living accommodation for young professionals, key workers and mature students, people just like you!

Ad Hoc Property Management Ltd. are specialised in protecting vacant properties by installing reliable Property Guardians. With over 20 years experience Ad Hoc has developed itself to become the European market leader in Vacant Property Protection.


Ad Hoc realises that protecting vacant property works best when working with our Guardians as a team. In what is a rapidly expanding company, Ad Hoc are always on the lookout for suitable working professionals with the qualities to become a Guardian while enjoying the benefits of low cost accommodation.


If you are looking for accommodation at a fraction of the cost of traditional rental and you think you have what it takes to become a Guardian, then gather your references together and book an induction appointment with us now.

Please note that we offer temporary accommodation only and although the average stay in a property is eight months, at any point in time you may need to move on just two weeks notice. However we value our Guardians and we are proud to maintain a 98% re-house record in the UK.”

So basically, its kind of glorified house sitting. Just not necessarily your usual houses. Theres people in other countries who are jointly looking after abandoned theme parks, old police stations and other odd buildings. I probably won’t get anything like that in London, it seems to be a lot of old nursery homes going atm. But the way I’m viewing it, for a fraction of the cost I can get accommodation in prime locations in London where I’m with a bunch of people who have been vetted to not be irresponsible psychos in an environment thats going to encourage me to meet new people and meet up with people I’ve fell out of touch with to build up my own social network down there that isn’t dependant on Kat. As part of this I’ve been working on reducing down what I own, to the degree that I will be going to London with only a backpack and a single cardboard box of possessions. I’ve sold nearly everything I own that I don’t need for a fresh start. I’ve shed the excess weight of my life as it were and I’m just waiting for the final ebay auctions to go through and then I’ll be free and lightweight

I refer to London as an adventure I’m going on, not as me moving there. I’m not going there to live a boring life, I’m there to find stories I’ll one day tell my children as well as document them as I go along. I’m going there to have new experiences and I’m going there to try and make a career for myself. I’m bored of shop work, I feel I’ve maxxed out on it and need a new challenge. I am in an absolutely perfect situation to set off and make a go of this and I can’t possibly turn a blind eye to it. I’m excited at what lies ahead and I feel generally reinvigorated with life again. I’ve accomplished so much in the last 12 months, I’ve turned my life and prospects around with pure hard work and determination

I’m a big believer in fate, everything seems to just fall into place nicely. When me and Jen broke up I wasn’t ready to come home, and there wouldn’t have been a job available for me had I wanted to, but when I felt it was time there was a selection of jobs waiting for me. The day after me and Kat got together my dad got an opportunity to sell his business and clear his debt, shortly after that my brother got himself a job finally. The reasons I came back here and moved in with them were suddenly sorted and shortly everything began to fall into place and it all pointed to London. I feel this is the next stage in my life, I feel I’ve shed the cocoon of the years gone by and I’m ready for a fresh challenge with a fresh outlook on life in general

Its just going past 3am and I’ve been writing these recaps for some time now, I’ve struggled along for something to do all day and then left it till late on to get around to doing something productive. I’m glad I’ve finally wrote this all up and got a few things off my chest, I look forward to writing future instalments but can’t guarantee them to be very interesting until June. My days are mostly spent working 12 hour shifts to get enough money saved up for heading down there, tends not to be too much I can write about inside of work really

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