The Fall of Inodad

“The first goblin siege went by without a problem. They attacked from the East, along the highest ridge of the mountain Inodad lay inside of. The only means of access was a single set of stairs, constructed so as to allow access to the spire that was to reach into the sky high above. Removing the stairs and replacing it with sharpened spikes had stopped the horde from advancing into the fortress. A year had passed and their interest had wained. They left the way they had came, no casualties other than a stray Kobold thief that had wandered into the pack. It wasn’t to be the last we heard of them

Now the goblins have came again, we outnumber them 3 to 1. But they bring soldiers and spearmen. We have but fishers and mothers. This time they come from the North, its a straight road into Inodad, over the bridge and beneath the statues. They’d be on us in minutes. A brave comrade ran to pull the lever that was created to bring the main draw bridge up so they couldn’t get in. We discovered the hard way, someone had forgotten to connect this lever to the bridge. It had been rebuilt so we could create a moat around our walls. As hard as he tried to pull the lever, it wasn’t going anywhere. He was the first to fall that day

A horn sounded around the valley, the only way we stood a chance was to call all dwarves to arms

We proved no match for the goblin siegers. Wave after wave of dwarf smashed against the goblins steel shields before being taken apart by their swords and maces and spears. Our only trained soldier, a marksdwarf who had used all her supply of bolts up practising earlier this year. I never had gotten around to ordering production, there always seemed to be more pressing things to do, and now was not the time to be concerning ourselves with the workshops

Inodad (Or “Gatesuns” as the humans would call it) lies shattered, from a mighty 98 mountainfolk to a lowly 7. I commanded them into one squad of troops and sent them to the barracks upstairs, there was a well and beds that they could rest in. If they could survive without food, they could make it through. Rising Inodad from the ashes. I followed behind them, helping gather whatever injured we could find on the way, raising our number to 9 and ran inside locking the door behind us

There we stayed, the goblins looting and destroying the fort beneath our feet, killing whatever dwarf had managed to scrape his way away from the initial onslaught and into apparent safety

Seeing a chance to increase our chances for survival, I unlocked the door and commanded one to run pick up a copper pick from across the hallway. We’d dig down into the farm chamber, there was plump helmets ready to harvest, and cows that could be slaughtered for their meat. The goblins heard him running, and quickly charged upstairs and toyed with him before a hammer wielding assailant smashed him into the wall. The remaining dwarfs locked away once again

Kib, the mighty marksdwarf who had been without ammunition for her fearsome weapon, lay injured on the floor of this, our potential tomb. She had been gathered along the way by the dungeon master and dragged through the door before the goblins could get near us. Her right leg almost cleaved off, she was bleeding heavily, the other dwarves unable to fetch her water from the well without a bucket. She would fall in and out of consciousness for a while, before eventually succumbing to madness and turning on her fellow helpers. With no choice, they beat her down until she wouldn’t wake up again. Her bloodied body, lying in the middle of the room as the dwarves cowered back in their beds coming to terms with their predicament

The dungeon master eventually dragged her body to the front of the room by the doors. Why? I don’t know. Maybe he thought the smell of her rotting body would keep them from trying to smash the door down and get in. The entire fortress was now filled with the miasma of the dead. Their bodies, dismembered limbs, even their children rotting away beneath the spire, beneath the mountain where they had made their home for all these years”

Having a look over the devastation, I notice 2 babies had crawled away from the attackers. They had crawled into the grand hall downstairs, seizing the opportunity, I locked the doors to keep the attackers from getting to them. There was a slim chance if the survivors upstairs didn’t make it, these 2 would grow up and have enough to live off down in that room that they could eventually start reclaiming the pillaged fort. Half eaten meals lay on the tables. Moments before the siege, a party had been called in honour of the mayor. The horn had been sounded and they had to all leave. The waterfall would serve as a means of keeping fresh water available for these 2 could they survive until they became children, able to fend for themselves

During all of this, not long after the dwarves were locked away in the barracks. A bronze colossus had shown itself to the East and charged into the fray through the entrance, smashing the furnaces outside and laying waste to the trade depot that had just been finished. It threw itself at the group of goblins that were in the entrance hallway. They had formed a circle around one of the few survivors who hadn’t been able to escape the fray and had ended up running around in a circle babbling to himself. Anyhow, this colossus took out at least a dozen of the goblins before it was torn asunder and smashed into one of the recently constructed wells. Normally a fearsome sight, this creature was one of my last hopes for ending this swiftly. Although their numbers run low they are still more than my remaining dwarves. And they are hurting. My fellow dwarves have not the energy to repel these creatures, they barely have the energy to drag themselves back to their beds. Weary from the fight, seeing to each others wounds as best they can

“I pray Armok will look down on us this day and send us a blessing. For I wonder how long we can survive in here with no food

In an attempt to remove Kib’s body and spare us the memories of what she is now becoming, the doors were unlocked to take her body outside. Mistem ran, in search of rats to eat, consumed by madness. The last I saw or heard from him, Kol and Lokum who were taking Kib’s body outside, were their screams as the goblins attacked Mistem, Kol running to help aimlessly and Lokum fleeing outside onto the fortress walls. We have heard no more from them, we can only presume the goblins chased them down and what they did next, we do not want to know, we only fear it was quick

The doors have been locked again. There is only me and Tekkud inside this room now, our only company is what is left of Kib over by the door there. We have no sense of the passing of time inside this windowless room. We know not how long we have been in here, nor how much longer it will go on. Our faith is failing us

Tekkud has died, he died of dehydration. He refused to go drink, talking of all the dead who had fallen into that water. He couldn’t bring himself to drink it, I fear it was his undoing. That leaves me in this room alone, I have no idea what has become of the 2 babies downstairs. And the cries of that lone soldier who was getting mocked by the goblins have gone, I can’t say I heard him die. Perhaps he had an opportunity to run and hes taken it. If this is the case, theres a chance he could bring help from the mountain homes”

The 2 babies, the lone soldier who had been surrounded by mocking goblins and indeed a further survivor that I hadn’t been able to locate were both down in the grand hall. The lone troop that had been heard babbling was Ilral, he was the first to die from dehydration. One of the babies, Bomrek, grew into a child. He went upto the well to try and take a drink and ran into a room before seeing the goblins in there, he turned to run and was shot down by an archer. The other baby, Unib, died from thirst

Only 1 survivor remains, its actually Mistem, He must have escaped past the goblins albeit injured before hiding in the grand hall upon finding the babies. A quick check of his wounds tells me hes starving, dehydrated and miserable, as well as having a yellow coloured lower body, which translates to being broken. So apparently he was severely injured, but with no damage to internal organs, and he also doesn’t appear to be bleeding. Generally severely injured dwarves will stay in bed. Though hes far away from one so cant, he won’t recover as fast as he normally would. Hes also traumatised by what hes been through, so won’t return to normal day to day jobs which could save him were he to go harvest some plump helmets or go get himself a drink of water. With no-one else to help him at this time, its unlikely he’ll see it through the siege. His thoughts read:

Mistem Lokumodshith has been miserable lately. he had been dehydrated lately. He has lost a friend to tragedy lately. He has been starving lately. He has complained of thirst lately. He talked with a friend lately. He has witnessed death. He slept without a proper room lately. He made a friend recently. He admired a fine door lately. He ate a pretty decent meal lately. He dined in a legendary dining hall recently. He has been satisfied at work recently. He has been annoyed by flies recently. He was forced to endure the decay of a friend.

Mistem Lokumodshith likes kaolinite, nickel, bone opal, palm, horn, the colour pale pink, and catapult parts. When possible, he prefers to consume fox and plump helmets. He absolutely detests toads

He isn’t a given to flights of fancy. He is put off by authority and tradition. He is slow to trust others. He is candid and sincere in dealings with others. He has a sense of duty. He is occasionally given to procrastination. He needs alcohol to get through the working day and is starting to work slowly due to its scarcity

These were to be his last, his obituary. As I write this Mistem has starved to death, slumped on a chair in the grand hall. The story of what happened here will never be told throughout Zaludsil. They shall not know of the horrors that happened in this place

“The goblins were too many for us to handle, our strength has been broken, Inodad has fallen”

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